Button Holes 



An approach to leather that suits you

As many amateur leatherworkers can attest, adding button holes to leather is a painstaking process that can make or break the final product. This is an occasion where UK Leather opts for machine solutions for the sake of practicality.


Our top-of-the-range leather button hole machines ensure a perfect finish without sacrificing our commitment to creating handmade products. Whether your design calls for additional pockets, breast buttons or a visual flourish on the epaulettes, our team of British leather manufacturers have the knowledge and the means to bring these elements to life.


a sewn button hole on a leather jacket




Please get in touch with us via our contact form to book our services. To make a general enquiry as a designer or brand, please reach out to our team at enquiries@ukleather.co.uk.

You can find our design studio and workshop near Whitechapel station, at:

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