Full Leather Manufacturing



An approach to leather that suits you

Some British leather manufacturers adhere to only one production process. UK Leather pride ourselves on our proficiency in both full leather manufacturing and CMT, giving us the ability to tailor our approach to suit the client's needs and vision. 

Full leather manufacturing is a comprehensive service that covers the entire production process. We will handle the sourcing of the raw materials (Whether you're looking for standard cowhide or something nonstandard such snakeskin, courtesy of our contacts with tanneries around the world), pattern creation, cutting, trimming and testing the final product. As long as you have the design specifications, we can provide you a premium service. 


a worn leather jacket having a seam sewn with a sewing machine



On the other hand, CMT (Cut, make and trim) is a streamlined service for designs at the very end of the production process.

The client supplies us with the leather and any other supplies that might be necessary, and we will handle the rest.

a person working on a piece of leather on a worktop




Please get in touch with us via our contact form to book our services. To make a general enquiry as a designer or brand, please reach out to our team at enquiries@ukleather.co.uk.

You can find our design studio and workshop near Whitechapel station, at:

5 Feather Mews
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