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Helping designers, no matter their experience level 

Over the years we've worked with designers of all experience levels and stripes, creating bespoke leather garments stocked by everyone from boutique outlets to household names.

Our team finds this process of turning an idea into a physical product immensely satisfying, and we've found newer designers to be a wellspring of novel ideas. At the same time, we appreciate that gaining experience and establishing contacts in such a relatively small industry can be difficult. 

a close up of a leather jacket with a metal star sewn into the shoulder

In order to help new talent, our team of British leather manufacturers are happy to help newly graduated designers gain experience, amass contacts and find their feet.  


varying different leather samples stacked on one another, with a chisel, leather lace and ruler next to them


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If you are willing to learn, we are happy to help.
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Helping designers find their feet within the leather industry


UK Leather are particularly experienced in working with newer designers. We see it as an opportunity to help people find the ropes and put theory into practice.

Our British leather manufacturers will guide newcomers to the industry through the finer points of design, creating the initial fabric twirl of their jacket and constructing the initial samples.

They will inevitably to professional members of our network along the way, providing them with valuable contacts for future endeavours.

 leather jackets with faux fur collars hung on a rack


We see this as a mutually beneficial arrangement.  


 a leather jacket with a red interior that UKLeather manufactured


Provided the designer is open to ideas and willing to learn, they will amass a wealth of firsthand experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke leather garments, while forging important connections for their future career.

At the same time, us and other British leather manufacturers benefit from the introduction of some new and exciting talent to leathermaking world, who we can hopefully do business with in the future.





To make a general enquiry as a designer or brand, please reach out to our team at

You can find our design studio and workshop near Whitechapel station, at:

5 Feather Mews
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