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Our history, values and passion for leather

Just as the origins of leatherworking stretch into the mists of time, UK Leather has deep roots as British leather manufacturers. We see ourselves as striking a balance between big and small, traditional and modern.


  • We retain a small team and leather garment studio, as has been the case for centuries, while working with brands from across the world.
  • We opt for traditional handcrafting techniques at all stages of the manufacturing process, while having contacts with specialists in newer technologies such as lasering for patterns and motifs
  • We retain a small manufacturing capacity owing to our bespoke and personalised approach, while having quick turnaround times.


a row of varying leather jackets hung up with red hangers




No matter the stage of your brand or your experience as a designer, our team of British leather manufacturers are happy to help.
Make an enquiry via our booking for or at enquiries@ukleather.co.uk




Our Unique Experience with Leather


Leatherworking has traditionally been a family trade, and UK Leather are no exception to this rule.

We first emerged as a family business in the early 1980s and have remained that way since, establishing a reputation for boutique service and premium quality early on. This helped us weather the sharp downturn in the British leathermaking industry in the face of throw-away fashion and outsourcing.   




In spite of these changes, we stuck to our time-tested tenets of traditional craftsmanship and have emerged better for it. We believe that the demand for high quality handmake leather garments will never fade, and since our founding we have worked with brands such as:
  • London Leatherman
  • Cottweiler
  • Whyte Studio


Make an enquiry via our contact form or enquiries@ukleather.co.uk in order to get started. 






Our Unparalleled Expertise with
Manufacturing Leather

Our team of British leather manufacturers is comprised of experts at the top of their field.

We maintain a strong balance of veteran craftsmen, some of whom have nearly 40 years of experience, and younger leatherworkers with new and interesting perspectives. This approach helps us maintain our balanced outlook, respecting the heritage of the industry while remaining open to ideas.


a row of different coloured leather jackets hanging on a rack


Make an enquiry via our contact form or enquiries@ukleather.co.uk in order to get started. 


a red leather coat with a belt

Our Unbridled Passion with Leather

Just because we're manufacturing the jackets on your behalf does not mean we're removed from your customer base.

The demand for premium handmade leather jackets remains high as ever, and products that meet this criterion are almost guaranteed to sell. As such, we don't see ourselves as simply being the last piece of getting your designs onto store shelves – We're as committed to customer satisfaction as you are, and will never compromise on quality for the sake of getting more product out the door. 


Enquire Today





Please get in touch with us via our contact form to book our services. To make a general enquiry as a designer or brand, please reach out to our team at enquiries@ukleather.co.uk.

You can find our design studio and workshop near Whitechapel station, at:

5 Feather Mews
E1 1DH




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