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Only the finest handmade leather garments

Humans have been wearing leather and animal skins for tens of thousands of years. This primordial connection goes back into the roots of our species, and will continue to exist for as long as we do.

As leather jacket manufacturers in the UK, we play a role in keeping the tradition of handmade garments alive. We pride ourselves on our elite standard, the high-end brands we have counted as clients and our track record of quality garments.

Our clients and their customers benefit from our near-unparalleled experience as British leather manufacturers, bespoke services and genuine passion for our craft. Get in touch with us via our contact form to get started. 

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What sets us apart as British leather manufacturers 


The Finest British Leather

British manufactured cowhide leather has long been internationally, with a reputation for quality goods and superior craftsmanship stretching back to the 17th century. As bespoke British leather manufacturers, our team is dedicating to keeping this torch lit. 




Varied Experience

Cowhide may be the cornerstone of our business, but we are by no means restricted to it. We are equally proficient in working with sheepskin, goatskin and less common hides such as snakeskin and alligator skin. If it came from an animal, our team has probably worked with it.


Traditional Techniques

Owing to our heritage as British leather manufacturers, we prefer to work with time-tested methods and continue to construct our jackets by hand. This allows us to keep a tight eye on quality and give every item we manufacture a personal touch. 




Ethically Sourcing

Despite the many misconceptions surrounding the industry, the leather we use is responsibly and sustainably sourced. We exclusively work with byproducts of the food industry, whether the animal in question came from South America or Asia, and save the hides from being wasted.  


If you have any questions about how we can help you and your brand,
please reach out to us at enquiries@ukleather.co.uk






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Ordering from UK Leather

Our minimum order is 25 units of a given style. Bulk order capacity is limited to 100 units a month, depending on the style. 

As part of our dedication to being the best leather jacket manufacturers in the UK, our services can be bespoke as you like. We are open to any and all ideas our customers bring to the table for what they would like on their leather jackets. Our robust network of professionals means that few things are off the table

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Following the initial design works, we will create a fabric version of the product in order to iron out any kinks or potential flaws and a final leather sample.

Only when every last detail has been examined and every minor problem addressed will the full scale manufacture begin. We are only happy if you are happy.

Please note that orders are paid for before delivery. Large scale orders will first require a deposit before the work begins.


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Please get in touch with us via our contact form to book our services. To make a general enquiry as a designer or brand, please reach out to our team at enquiries@ukleather.co.uk.

You can find our design studio and workshop near Whitechapel station, at:

5 Feather Mews
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